When to Replace Your Metal Roof: Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Metal Roof

Metal roofs are a popular option for commercial buildings due to their durability and longevity. Metal roofing has even been gaining popularity with homeowners because of its easy maintenance.

Although metal roofs are extremely durable, it’s still important to understand what signs to look for when it comes to possible roof repair or replacement issues.

Metal roofs typically don’t suffer from issues until later in their lifespan, but in some cases, damage can occur early on, and it’s essential to look out for these signs to prevent severe damage.

But First…

Before we get into the signs of metal roof damage, let’s talk about the two types of metal roof systems.

  1. Screw Down Panel: This type of metal roof system is screwed down while the fasteners remain exposed. Screws and washers are used to screw down the panel faces. In turn, the metal will not contract or expand naturally.
  2. Standing Seam Metal Roof: In this type of metal roofing system, the panels are locked at the seams which allows for them to contract whenever the metal becomes heated.
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Signs It’s Time for a Metal Roof Replacement

The Paint On Your Standing Seam Metal Roof Is Nearing 30 Years

Standing seam metal panels have a painted finish applied to them. Many panel manufacturers use a finish called Kynar 500. The finish that’s applied helps with maintaining color and protecting the panels from the elements.

Another sign you should keep an eye out for is extreme color fade on your panels or rusting. Once you notice the discoloration, it may be time to replace your roof.

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The Painted Finish Was Damaged On Your Standing Seam Metal Roof

Although there’s a finish that protects your metal roofing panels, dents and scratches can accumulate and shorten your roof’s lifespan.

This can be caused by a wide range of causes such as storm or wind damage, fallen tree limbs, and more. This may be also caused by other tradesmen who may be on your roof or even from painters who accidentally spill any paints or chemicals.

Therefore, if the Kynar 500 finish on your metal roof is damaged, it may be time for roof replacement.

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The Fasteners On Your Screw Down Metal Roof Are Giving Out

Because screw down metal roofs lack the ability to contract and expand, the exposed fasteners can eventually widen over time and become too large for the screws to properly keep the panels in place.

If you’re noticing that this is happening to your metal roof early on, then you could replace the screws with larger ones to extend the life on your roof. If this doesn’t occur early on however, your roof will experience leaks. Panels may also lift due to wind getting underneath.

If you wait too long to address this problem, you will eventually need to replace the metal panels. It is usually recommended that if you have to replace one panel on your roof, you should go ahead and replace the entire roof as you may have to keep replacing panels.

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Your Metal Roof Has Storm Damage

Living in storm damage prone areas, such as Tampa Bay, can take a toll on your roof. If a tree limb falls on your metal roof for example, your roof may need a replacement if there has been major damage to prevent costly leaks.

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