Types of Storm Damage Your Roof Might Suffer

Hurricane Roof Repair In Tampa

Let’s face it.  Living in the Tampa, Florida area has many positive attributes.  There’s the beach, golf courses, no state income tax, a laid-back lifestyle.  And a bright sun there in the sky almost every day…except when it’s not.  We’ve all lived through hurricanes and tropical storms.  We’ve been warned to evacuate, watch out for storm surges, and we’ve looked at the skies closely as storm clouds gather and the wind picks up.

So, what happens when the winds increase, the rain beats down on a slant, and debris flies through the air?  What happens when named hurricanes, tropical storms, or even tornadoes hit homes or businesses in our area of Florida?  Most likely, the answer to that question is “you may have some roof damage to your home, office, or commercial property.”

That’s where we come in.  Goodfriend Roofing serves all of Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon, Wesley Chapel, Riverview, Gibsonton, Apollo Beach, and Palm Harbor.  And we are experts at repairing or replacing both residential and commercial roofing after a storm.  From replacing just a few tiles to installing an entirely new roof, Goodfriend Roofing’s team of professionals can inspect the storm damage and give you a free estimate within days of a high wind weather event.

Types of Damage Caused by Hurricanes and High Winds

So, let’s take a look at some of the types of damage hurricanes, tropical storms, and other high wind and rain events can cause. High winds and rain can blow off or tear asphalt shingles, move and crack clay tiles, and rip up metal roofing, leaving the underlayment, roof deck, or waterproofing material exposed to the elements.

Typically, winds as strong as 70 to 90 miles per hour can be the point when wind and weather causes roof damage. But sometimes a lesser wind gusting at 50 mph can crack or loosen the tiles, bend shingles, or remove slate from your roof.  Roof caps may also become loosened or cracked.  In the past few years, Florida has actually been hit with hurricanes that have had winds up to 165 miles per hour, with some gusting up to 200 miles per hour!  That’s a sure sign that roof damage has most likely occurred.

While today’s interlocking tile roofing systems should be able to withstand hurricane and tropical storm winds up to and over 100 miles per hour, what about 165 to 200 miles per hour winds?   Besides high wind events and inclement weather, roof damage from storms can be caused by several other things.

Sometimes, the signs of roof damage are obvious like missing or cracked roof tiles or shingles that are curled under.  There could be pieces of broken tiles scattered on the ground beneath your roof line.  You may see torn or damaged roof flashing or water pooling around your home’s exterior.  There can also be water spots or actual leaks running down an interior ceiling or wall.

storm damaged roof repar

Have you checked around your house and on your property for any fallen branches or palm fronds (they are heavy), trees that are down, or debris?  Have they first hit your roof at a high velocity, before falling to the ground?  Have other objects blown onto your roof or into your yard from neighbor’s homes?  

If you see debris on your roof, or if you are uncertain that you may have sustained roof damage, you’ll need to get your roof inspected by a certified roofing professional. At Goodfriend Roofing, you can trust us to protect your family and home or business as quickly as possible after a storm or hurricane.  Our inspectors will get to your home and up on your roof before any further damage can transpire.

Some severe weather events produce lightning as you know.  If lightning strikes near or on your roof, it may cause tiles to crack or slide down your roof.  It could even cause harm to the frame of your home.  It it’s a direct hit, roof tiles can be completely peeled off your roof, almost like kernels of corn, one right after the other.

Have gutters or downspouts been blown down or bent and split open by strong winds?  If water can’t go down the spout and into the ground, it can sit on your roof and cause problematic issues on top of or underneath your roofing, including structural damage, not only to the roof, but to the framing and interior of your home as well.

With the hot Florida sun beating down on your roof almost every day of the year, your tiles or shingles can age more quickly than in other climates.  Unless you maintain and repair any roof issues as they happen, unless you get certified roof inspections on a semi-regular basis, your roof may be at risk for greater damage when the hurricanes or downpours hit the Tampa area.

The most important thing you should remember is that when the roof is compromised, so is your entire home.  

When you’re searching for a roofing company after a hurricane, tropical storm, or high wind weather event, make sure Goodfriend Roofing is at the top of your list.  Our reputation proceeds us.  Our local roofers are experts at replacing damaged or old roof tiles and repairing any and all roofing issues so that you can enjoy a worry-free roof.  Need a new roof?  We can completely replace underlayment, waterproofing, roof decks, and we have a great selection of roof tiles for you to choose from if a full replacement is necessary. 

Our professional roofing company serves all of Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon, Wesley Chapel, Riverview, Gibsonton, Apollo Beach, and Palm Harbor.  And we are experts at both residential and commercial roofing. Setting up an appointment to meet our roofers near you is easy.  Call us at  (813) 579-5789Like a good friend, we’ll be there with you every step of the way during your roofing repair or replacement project.  

Contact us today for a free roofing inspection and estimate.  And keep our number handy when the weather forecasters shout:  “Hurricane!”

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