Roof Color vs. Home Resale Value

Whether you are reroofing your home and want to choose the right color for your home’s future value or are already getting ready to put your home on the market, choosing the best color for your roof can be a tough call.  

The color of your roof can dramatically help or hurt your home’s resale value because it can account for almost 40% of your home’s exterior appearance. Ideally, your roof should not only match your home’s exterior but also blend well with your neighboring homes and surroundings. You don’t want your home to stick out like a sore thumb when trying to find a buyer.  

You’re in luck because your pals at Goodfriend Roofing are here with the know-how for picking the best color for your roof! Read on for advice from the pros.

Picking the Best Roof Color for Home Value

When it comes to your roof, buyers will look at both the condition and cohesiveness. Your roof’s color largely influences the cohesiveness of your roof with the rest of the house and its surroundings. A good color on the roof can make your home substantially more appealing to buyers. However, if you aren’t careful, roof color can also make the property more eye-catching in a bad way.

Roof Color Should Flow with the House

In most cases, the best roof color will accent the rest of the property without attracting too much attention. The right color will pull together your house in a beautiful overarching tone. There are several factors to take into consideration that can help guide you towards the best color:

Architectural Style

The architectural style of your house can often guide you in the right direction for picking the best color for your roof. The majority of residential architecture styles have colors that tend to flow well and create a clean visual. You are more than welcome to break the stereotypes, but these go-to palettes can help inspire you on your hunt for the perfect tone.  

  • Beach – light greys and blues
  • Bungalow – medium greys, greens, and browns
  • Colonial – dark browns, greys, and greens
  • Contemporary – light or dark greys
  • Country – medium blues and browns  
  • Craftsmen – medium to dark greys and browns
  • Farmhouse – medium to dark greys  
  • Log – medium browns and greys  
  • Mid-Century Modern – dark or light greys  
  • Modern – dark grays and blacks
  • Ranch – medium greys and browns
  • Spanish – dark reds and browns
  • Southwest – dark browns and reds
  • Tudor – medium browns and greys
  • Victorian – medium to dark greys  

Once again, there are no rules determining the color of your roof, but these guidelines can help lead you in the right direction.

Siding Material & Color

In addition to observing the architectural style of your home, you can use the siding material to find colors that match well. Keep in mind most siding materials come in various colors, so you will want to take that into account as well.  

Here are some common combos for siding material and roof color:

  • Vinyl – browns, greys, and greens
  • Wood Board – greys, blues, and browns
  • Log – browns and greys
  • Brick – greys and browns
  • Metal – blacks, greys, and blues
  • Stone – browns and greys  

It’s most important that your roof color works well with your siding color so they look like they belong to the same house. This will give your property an aesthetically appealing exterior.  

Using simple color theory, here are popular siding colors and their best corresponding roof tones.


House Size

As a broad generalizing, large or tall homes look best with dark roofs while smaller, shorter homes look best with lighter colors. There are plenty of exceptions to this rule and as previously mentioned, you by no means have to succumb to the stereotype. As your “Goodfriends,” we’ll support whatever decision you make!  

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Pay Attention to Local Architecture and Region

Oftentimes, regions have trends that can be seen throughout local architecture. As a coastal region, Tampa is full of plenty of terracotta clay tiling and beachy light greys, but you can really get away with whatever feels best for you!  

Here is a general list of locations and their design culture:

  • Coastal regions often have light and bright colors such as light greys, blues, and whites
  • Forested environments lean on the trees with browns, dark greys, and greens
  • Desert neighborhoods often use concrete and tile with greys, beiges, browns, and reds
  • Mountain towns utilize wooden architecture with darker browns, greys, and blues.

In our blazing hot endless Florida summers, a lighter color may be most energy-efficient as it will absorb less heat.

Color Your Roof with Goodfriend

If you are hoping to sell your home in the near future, a neutral roof color is your best bet. Make sure to account for your siding color and material as well as neighborhood and local architectural trends. Buyers like simple and cohesive, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!


Finding the right color for your roof can be a long and stressful process, but with the right team of experienced roofers, we’ll help you pick a color that resonates with your property.  

Whether you are in need of a full roof replacement to get your home on the market or are simply in need of some patch ups, we’re the team to help you! Our experience runs deep, but our friendships run even deeper, so call your “Goodfriends” today – (813) 579-5789!

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