Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection to Assess Storm Damage

We are no strangers to storms here in Tampa Bay, especially in the summer months when hurricane season is in full swing. While a roof is made to withstand storms and temperature fluctuations, you might not be fully aware of the damage done to your roof during a storm until it’s too late.

A professional roof inspection can help you find any damage that you might not be aware of. An expert can also let you know if your roof is okay but needs some repair. Bottom line: an inspection helps you have a more successful claim in the event of irreparable damage. Our roofing pros explain…

Storm Damage 101

Mother nature can be a powerful force and one that can cause significant damage to your home’s roof. Here in Florida, our roofs are more prone to damage from heavy rains, strong wind, and even hail.

Heavy Rain

Heavy rainstorms can cause shingles to lose their surfacing over time. If it’s been a particularly rainy season, it is wise to get an inspection to ensure that your roof is in good shape.

Strong Wind

Even if they aren’t tornado or hurricane-force winds, strong winds can cause damage to your roof. Wind can blow shingles right off your roof and leave it vulnerable to more damage. When water is involved, your roof could be susceptible to a whole host of problems including mold, roof rot, and water leaks.


Hail can come down in a range of sizes including some the size of marbles to larger pieces the size of a golf ball or baseball. Yikes!

After a hailstorm, it is imperative to call in a roofing professional for an inspection. If hail has dented your vehicle, just imagine what it could have done to your roof…Most commonly, hailstorms damage the metal flashing on your roof which can become problematic over time by compromising your roof’s membrane and making it prone to water leaks.

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Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection

Whether you need your roof repaired or fully replaced, bringing in a professional to inspect the damage will help ease some of the stress and can save you money.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional for a roof inspection:

Assessment of Invisible or Small Damage

You might be able to notice large roof issues from the ground, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to see the invisible damage that could have been caused by a storm. Unfortunately, a lot of storm damage can’t be seen unless you know where to look. A professional roof inspection will ensure that the roof has been assessed by someone with a trained eye who knows what invisible roof damage may look like.

From small leaks to damaged shingles, small structural damage could have occurred during the storm, and could easily be overlooked. Further, a professional will look at both the exterior and interior for small or hidden issues that could become a bigger problem in the future.

Replace or repair? How to decide…

Can Help Handle Insurance Claims

When you have a roofing professional on your side (like Goodfriend) for an inspection, insurance claims can be a breeze. Insurance companies require an inspection and photos to prove that the damage was sustained in a storm.

During a professional roof inspection, we will take photos of all damage while creating a comprehensive report for your insurance company. We will also give you a cost estimate of repairs or replacement so your insurance company can prepare a claim settlement to cover the costs of repair.

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Money Savings

If you don’t get a professional inspection done after a strong storm, be ready to open your wallet down the road.

Small or invisible problems can become larger, more costly issues over time, so it is wise to get an inspection to help mitigate future problems. Preventative maintenance can save you money on repairs and replacement, and extend the lifespan of your roof.

Professional Roof Inspections

After a strong storm passes through, call in a local roofing expert to assess any damages. Even if you lucked out during a rough hurricane or storm season, it is still recommended to get an annual inspection done on your roof to help prevent future problems.

Your friends at Goodfriend Roofing offer expert and detailed roofing inspections throughout Tampa Bay. If we find any damage, you can trust our estimate and recommendations for any repairs. You always have a friend here, and when it’s time to repair or replace your roof, our team is here to help.

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