Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season has begun, and if you live in a hurricane-prone area like Tampa Bay, you need to prepare before a storm is forecasted. Hurricanes can cause extensive property damage, but with some careful preparation, you can mitigate the damages to your home’s roof.

Our roofing contractors at Goodfriend Roofing discuss what kind of damage a hurricane can cause, and how to prepare for hurricane season now.

When is Hurricane Season?

The official hurricane season for Florida is from the 1st of June to the 30th of November each year. The peak of hurricane season is from mid-August to late October, though we have gotten later storms here in Tampa Bay.

Damage Caused by Hurricanes

OSHA states that if a hurricane is a Category 3 or above, catastrophic damage can be expected due to winds that range from 111 mph to 157 mph or higher. With a Category 3 storm, you can expect uprooted trees and roofs being peeled from buildings.

Even a Category 1 hurricane can generate 95 mph winds and can cause severe damage to roofs.

Hurricanes can cause:

Wind Damage

Wind can wreak havoc on a roof and can cause damage in several ways including:

  • Blowing off the roof or shingles
  • Throwing items onto your roof (like a heavy tree branch)
  • Ripping mounted hardware out of your roof

Water Damage

When hurricanes produce strong winds, heavy rain and hail are close behind. Wind can cause damage to your roofing system and allow water to enter your home through vulnerable areas.

Avoid roof leaks, and get your roof inspected before a storm rolls through. Call your friends at Goodfriend Roofing today—813-579-5789!

Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season

Follow these tips to prepare your roof for hurricane season.

Schedule a Roofing Inspection

Yearly roof inspections are a must, especially in hurricane-prone areas. Having a certified and knowledgeable roofing contractor inspect your roof before a storm rolls through will ensure that there are no issues with your roof that a hurricane will make worse.

We like to recommend two roofing inspections each year: one before and one after hurricane season ends.

Your roofing contractor will look at the following areas to check the integrity of your roof:


They will ensure that there are no punctures, rips, or holes in the roof’s membrane.


Flashings should be correctly attached and sealed.

Mounted Equipment

Any roof penetrations should be properly sealed, and any mounted equipment should be attached securely.


Gutters and downspouts should be properly attached and flow in the proper direction.

Ensure that your roof is in excellent condition with Goodfriend Roofing! We will inspect your roof for any damage and perform the proper repairs if needed. Call us today at 813-579-5789!

Trim Nearby Trees

Do you trust any of those branches hanging over your home or business during a hurricane? Didn’t think so. Take a walk around your home and identify dead, broken, or overhanging tree branches and get them removed.

Tree branches can easily cause damage during a hurricane.

Clear Gutters and Drains

We aren’t gutter pros (we focus on your roof) but our friends in the industry tell us it’s critical to clear gutters and drains during hurricane season. Your gutter systems take water from your roof to the ground. If the gutters are clogged, backed-up water will sit on your roof and can cause leaks. Gives you reason to pause and think when you last cleaned those out…

Stay Up to Date with Insurance

The aftermath of a hurricane can be chaotic. Stay a step ahead of a storm and have all your insurance and warranty information prepared and in an easily accessible place.

Documents to have on hand include:

  • Any applicable warranties
  • Insurance documentation
  • Before photos
  • Contact information for insurance agents, contractors, etc.

Protect Your Roof with the Help of a Goodfriend

When a hurricane is approaching, protecting your loved ones is most important. With a well-thought-out preparation plan, you will not need to think twice about your roof during a hurricane.

If you need a roofing inspection or any roofing repairs before a hurricane is forecasted this season, call Goodfriend Roofing. We will ensure that your roof is in excellent shape to weather any storm.

Call our Tampa Bay roofers for a no-hassle, free quote —813-579-5789! Stay safe this hurricane season!

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