The Pros & Cons of Modified Roofing for Your Residential or Commercial Space

‘The Modified what???’ Don’t worry! Your Goodfriends are here to explain the pros and cons of this flat roofing option.

Flat roofs are nothing new to the roofing industry, as they’ve held a long-reigning title for being the obvious choice for a commercial space. In addition to being popular for commercial properties, flat roofs are becoming increasingly popular in modern residential architecture styles. One of the most popular flat roofs is the Modified Bitumen.  

Today, your Goodfriends review some pros and cons of this flat roofing option to help you make the best decision for your property, whether residential or commercial.  

The Modified Bitumen Basics

Modified Bitumen (pronounced ‘bite-oo-men’) was developed in the 1960s as a remake of the old built-up roofing (BUR) system. This kind of flat roofing is constructed by a wide panel, single-ply system built from asphalt bitumen, modified with polymers, and reinforced with either fiberglass and/or polyester.  

The unique assembly of wide sheeting layers collectively increase the roof’s effectiveness and durability. The combination of materials and systemic structuring makes the Modified Bitumen advantages that are tough to beat. And since we’re all friends here, we can’t NOT let you in on them.

Modified Bitumen (pronounced ‘bite-oo-men’) is a flat roofing material that has been around since the 1960s.

The Pros of a Modified Bitumen Roof

There are several advantages to consider when it comes to the Modified Bitumen roof. Here are some of our favorites!  

Seamlessly Connected

The three most popular ways to installed Modified Bitumen are with:

  1. Self-adhesive
  1. Cold Adhesive
  1. Heat

All three installation methods create a tight seal, seamlessly connecting the sheets to prevent any leaking, curious critters, and other undesirable guests from the great outdoors.  

Well-Protected Against Water Damage

Modified Bitumen roofing panels are tightly bonded- like you and your Goodfriends! Thanks to this fact, water has a very difficult time sneaking its way into a Modified Bitumen roofing system. Leakage is not a problem, so if you live in a particularly rainy area, a Modified Bitumen roof may be right for you!

Resistant Against the Sun’s Rays

One of Modified Bitumen’s many benefits is that it is heat reflective. In our bright and burning sunshine state of Florida, this can have a hugely positive impact on your energy bill.

If you choose a lighter color or more reflective top coatings are used, you can reduce your energy costs even further. This roofing is naturally resistant to the sun’s radiation.


Hard to Break

Since Modified Bitumen is a combination of fiberglass and/or polyester reinforcement layers, it is very strong against breakage or tearing. It can easily handle a decent amount of foot traffic, making it easier to install and to conduct routine inspections.  

Whether facing footsteps or harsh weather, Modified Bitumen is tough against damage. In the rare case of breakage or natural wear and tear, this material is very easy to repair.

Strong Against the Elements

The 5-layer construction of a Modified Bitumen roof gives it the ability to withstand harsh exposure to all of the environmental elements of each season. In Florida where we are unfortunately used to the terrible wreckage of storm damage, this benefit is a no-brainer.  

Endlessly Stylish

While you won’t easily see the top of your roof from the ground, you want taller surrounding buildings to look up to all of your style while looking down on you. Modified Bitumen has countless color options, since the granules on the cap sheets can match nearly any shade of shingle.  

As your Goodfriends, we need you not only feeling safe but also looking good! Call our local pros today so we can deck your property out in style – (813) 579-5789.

Easy to Install & Fix

Unlike many other roofing options, Modified Bitumen is very easy to install. The panels come in 3-foot-wide rolled sheets that are easily unraveled onto a base sheet membrane on top of the property. If damage is discovered on a Modified Bitumen roof, it is easy to patch quickly and efficiently.  


Many materials of a Modified Bitumen roof can be recycled, so your roof can be reused instead of thrown into a landfill. This will contribute to having a smaller individual carbon footprint and creating a cleaner, more sustainable world.

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The Cons of Modified Bitumen Roofing

While the pros list of Modified Bitumen roofing is almost too long to count, there are some disadvantages to consider that could make or break if this is the right roof for you. We’ll never hide anything from you at Goodfriend Roofing!

Shorter than Average Lifespan

Modified Bitumen has a lower life expectancy than the majority of roofing material options. Normally these roofs last around 10-20 years.

No Flow

If you don’t additionally invest in a proper drainage system for a flat roof, water can collect on the service and wear down the material more quickly. This is why we highly recommend installing an efficient drainage system if you install a flat roofing system.

Torch Fumes

One of the most common methods to install a Modified Bitumen roof is by using a blow torch to intense heat that essentially melts the sheets into one another. The fumes released during this process can be harmful for one’s health and the environment as well as dangerous without proper protective gear.  

It Stinks

After your Modified Bitumen roof has been installed, you might notice an unpleasant odor lingering over your home. The intensity and spread of this smell depend on how large the installation was, but be prepared to either stay elsewhere or breath in stink for a few days.  

Level Out with Goodfriend Roofing

Whether you live in an urban residential home or are constructing a commercial space, Modified Bitumen may be a great choice for your next roof replacement. We will handle all of your roofing needs and help you feel level-headed and stress-free.  

We’re here to help make your life easier (that’s what friends do, right?). Our attention to detail and the client’s needs is why we’re confident you won’t regret choosing us. Our team will ensure you are completely satisfied with the process and your new roof. Call your Goodfriend – well several – who’s a roofer any time for a hand for your Tampa Bay property – (813) 579-5789!

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