How to Hire a Roofing Company: What to Consider

If you’re in need of a residential or commercial roof repair or a new commercial roof, your next step is to look for a roofing company in your area who can make each step of your roofing project as smooth as possible while providing professional, quality service.But where do you start? Here we have included some criteria to consider before hiring a Tampa roofing company.


When looking for trusted Tampa roofing companies, there is no doubt that you want to hire a roofing company who has experience, so you know that they can excel when completing your residential roof repair or commercial re-roof.Some good questions to ask your prospective roofing company is how many years they’ve been in business, and what roofing materials or techniques they have experience with.Goodfriend Roofing has over 14 years of roofing experience and has served hundreds of commercial and residential roofs in the Tampa Bay Area. Call us for a quote!


Hiring a Florida state licensed roofing company will ensure that they meet the qualifications regulated by the state.When selling your Tampa home, it is especially important that the roof repair or re-roof was completed by a Florida state licensed roofing company, so that it is recognized in transactions.Goodfriend Roofing is a Florida state licensed roofing and insured, so we are able to service areas including Tampa, Clearwater, Saint Petersburg, Wesley Chapel, Gibsonton, Riverview, Valrico, New Port Richey and surrounding areas. Contact us for an appointment!

References/Positive Reputation

Another good thing to look for in your prospective roofing company is references. References may be on the company’s website, or if not, ask them for references.You can also search to see if that local roofing company has positive reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other sources.“You Can Always Trust A Goodfriend” Check out some of our Google Reviews HERE!

Turnaround Time

When you’re excited about finally going through with your roofing project, the last thing you want to hear is that you have to wait for an extensive amount of time for your roof repair or re-roof project to get started.Ask the local roofing company what the estimated turnaround time to be completed, along with when they can start and approximately how long the roof repair or re-roof project will take.Goodfriend roofing can start a residential roof repair in as little as 24 hours after a deposit is made, and a commercial roof replacement in as little as 2 weeks after the permit comes back from the county!


Finding residential or commercial roofing companies that offer a roof warranty should be one of the most important criterions on your list.If something happens to your roof a few months after it has been completed, you’re not going to want to go through the process of either finding another local roofing company or dishing out more money.Ask our residential and commercial roofing contractors about the warranty for your roof repair or roof replacement. 813-579-5789

Material Suppliers

The material suppliers that the roofing company uses is also important. You want to hire a company that uses high-quality roofing materials, so that your residential or commercial roof will last longer. Using locally-sourced building and roofing materials is also more environmentally friendly.At Goodfriend Roofing, we pride ourselves in knowing that our clients receive the best quality roofing materials for their commercial or residential roofs!


When hiring a commercial or residential roofing company, it is important to hire a roofing contractor that has exceptional communication skills.You want the communication between you and the roofing contractors to be clear, so that you know the exact specifications of your roof from the price, to the deposit, to the start date, and more.With Goodfriend Roofing, all lines of communication are open! Our certified roofing technicians are eager to answer your questions. 813-579-5789

Choose Goodfriend Roofing For Your Roof Repair or Roof Replacement

When you choose Goodfriend Roofing for your roof repair roof replacement, you are choosing a veteran-owned roofing company. Our roofing company has over 14 years of experience working on both residential and commercial roofs.We are experts in our field, and can assist you throughout every step from selecting the best roof material for your needs and budget. We are also state-licensed in Florida and insured.Ready to schedule your roof consultation? Contact us at 813-579-5789 /

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