Upgrades to Consider When Re-Roofing Your Home

Re-roofing is not a very glamorous home improvement, but it is a very important one. A high-quality re-roof allows homeowners to reduce maintenance tasks and costly repair expenses for years to come.  

Here are four upgrades from our roofing contractors at Goodfriend Roofing to consider when you re-roof your home.

Install Eave Flashing

If you have ever experienced roof damage and leaks, you might want to invest a little extra money in eave flashing when you schedule your re-roof.  

Before shingling, eave flashing is applied to a depth of 2-feet inside the exterior wall plane or three feet on lower pitched roofs. These bituminous eave flashing membranes self-seal around any roofing fasteners to form a watertight seal over the eaves of your home—which are often susceptible to water damage.  

You may also want to consider installing bituminous eave flashing to other vulnerable areas on your roof such as around dormers, skylights, or roof valleys.  

If you want to install eave flashing or improve your roof’s ventilation, our roofing contractors can do it all! Call Goodfriend Roofing for a quote today—813-579-5789!

Improve Roof Ventilation

If not well ventilated, the attic in your Tampa Bay home can become dangerously hot. That heat buildup can radiate to the rooms below, causing your HVAC system to work double-time to cool your home.  

To keep the attic and your home cooler, don’t skimp on roof ventilation when re-roofing your home. Ask your roofing contractor to install ridge vents across the top of your roof to allow proper air movement beneath the shingles on the ridge cap.  

For ventilation to be most effective, hot air should be expelled from the attic while cool air is drawn in by soffit vents. Gable vents located near the roof’s peak are also beneficial to ensure adequate airflow.  

A well-ventilated attic means that your home will be more comfortable during the summer without having to pay exorbitant energy costs for air conditioning.  

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Choose Energy-Efficient Shingles

In the past, it was recommended to use light-colored or white shingles to get a “cooler” roof. This option is not always the most aesthetically pleasing though. Today’s new reflective “COOL” shingles come in a wide variety of colors from popular grays to wood tones to match any design aesthetic.  

The granules of “COOL” shingles reflect the sun’s radiation and re-emit most of the heat that they absorb. Depending on your home’s construction and your climate, you could look at saving between 7 and 15 percent on cooling costs with energy-efficient “COOL” shingles  

From energy-efficient shingles to PACE financing, our team at Goodfriend Roofing can help you install an environmentally friendly roof that will help you save on energy costs for years to come! Schedule a consultation today—813-579-5789!

Install Low Maintenance Gutters

While we don’t install gutters here at Goodfriend Roofing, we know that when you are getting your home re-roofed, it is a good idea to install new gutters—especially if your gutters are old or unsightly.  

Low-maintenance gutters are gaining popularity and for good reason. Gutter systems with built-in hoods or screens help trap leaves and debris before they clog your gutters. They also come in a variety of colors allowing you to choose a tone that complements your siding, trim, and roofing.  

The best part? Installing new low-maintenance gutters means that you can forget about needing to climb up on a ladder to clean your gutters each spring and fall.  

Getting Ready to Re-Roof? Call on a Goodfriend

Ready to re-roof your home and install some of these upgrades? Our team at Goodfriend Roofing is ready to help!  

When you choose Goodfriend Roofing for your re-roof, you are choosing a veteran-owned local Tampa Bay company with over 15 years of experience with both residential and commercial roofing projects.  

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