7 Signs of a Leaky Roof

It’s not just water coming in…we’re talking mold, brown spots, and holes too…

Unless you inspect the top of your roof and the ceiling daily, you may miss some common signs of a leaky roof. The experts at Goodfriend Roofing specialize in shingle roof repairs and on the initial consultation, we look inside your home or business, and get on top of the roof to spot leaks in time. We can provide you an estimate for a shingle roof repair or the cost to replace the entire roof.

Goodfriend Roofing also works with insurance claims and it is possible that you could receive a brand new roof paid for by your insurance company! Partnering with Tampa’s finest public adjusters, we work for you; not the insurance company!

Have you noticed these 7 signs of a leaky roof on your property?

Soft Spots on Roof

A soft spot is commonly described by a soft, spongy feeling if you were to walk across the top of your roof.

If you notice a soft spot on your roof, that means the substrate under the shingle is damaged and deteriorating. The plywood underneath most likely is getting wet from rain or moisture not being able to escape due to inadequate ventilation.

Seeing spots is never good…but our pros can handle all the soft spots quickly so your home doesn’t undergo more damage.

Rotting Fascia and Soffit

Fascia and soffits are the trim around the exterior of your roof closest to the gutters. This means they are the first to be damaged by water if the gutters become clogged or if the roof develops a leak.

More often than not, rotten fascia and soffit is almost always due to a roof leak above the rotten boards that you are able to see. Meaning, the fascia and soffit will most likely rot again if the roof leak above is not repaired.

If you see a rotting soffit, give our roofing pros a call before a small issue becomes an even bigger one! We’re available —- to give you a hand.

Curling/Buckling Shingles

With poor or no ventilation, heat and moisture gets trapped and accumulates in the attic (yes, some homes have them in Tampa).

Having no way to escape, eventually, the additional heat on the bottom side of the shingle causes them to wear and curl. Moisture getting trapped between the shingles and roof underlayment also causes the curling of shingles.


Algae and mold on your roof might not pose an immediate threat to your roof, however, ignoring this for too long can lead to a leaky roof. Roof Algae thrives in humid atmospheres, such as Florida, and grows fast in shady areas that remain damp from under large trees.

Mold and algae are not the same. Mold is dangerous to humans and is caused from an undiscovered roof leak that allows a moist, damp place for mold spores to grow.

Missing Granules from Shingles

Granules on shingle roofs are a protective coating that protect the shingle from sunlight, UV light, and general weather conditions. Visible change in the color of your roof is an indication that these granules are missing.

You may notice ‘bald’ spots on your roof, even granules in your gutters that have been washed away by a recent storm. This almost certainly is a sign of a roof leak. As  it is normal for the roof to lose some granules over time, it is best to get your roof checked out by a local roofing expert.

Call our team if you notice this or have a roof leak, Goodfriend Roofing in Tampa is here and ready to help fix your roof!

Missing Shingles from Roof

The most obvious signs that there is a potential roof leak would be missing shingles. If you do not replace missing shingles in one area, it can cause the surrounding shingles to eventually fail as well.

It is important that the missing shingle(s) is replaced as soon as possible to avoid costly damages to the interior. Call Goodfriend roofing to help get the job done right!

Visible Water Stains on Ceiling or Wall

A bit of detective work to identify the source of a leak in the ceiling may be required once you notice ceiling rot, or brown spots on the ceiling or walls. Some common causes of these water stains include faulty plumbing (toilets, showers, sinks), air conditioning and roof leaks.

Water can travel horizontally or at an angle before showing up on the ceiling. An expert roofer will be able to identify the cause of the water damage.

You suspect a water leak in your home or business, now what?

It is crucial to address the matter promptly. As soon as you notice one of these signs, you need to call the professional roofers at Goodfriend Roofing to take a look at your roof. We are a full-service roofing contractor, ready to assist with all of your roofing needs.

Contact us at 813-579-5789 or send an email to get in touch with our roofing professionals to discuss your shingle roof repair, shingle roof replacement, and new installation services.

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